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Asphalt Paving Colorado Springs

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Recycled Asphalt

Residential - Commercial

Asphalt Paving Colorado Springs

DID YOU KNOW, asphalt is 100 % recycable. It is the worlds most recycled product! Surface Solutions is an enviromentaly minded company and that is why we are proud to offer recycled asphalt / crushed road mix as a solution to your pavement need.

The process we take is almost the same as a standard asphalt paving project. Area of work is graded as needed for drainage and stability. Sub-base is then compacted. Then the recycled asphalt is installed using self propelled paving machines. Once material is placed, vibratory rollers are used to compress material for maximum compaction. This green product is not only great for the enviroment, but also your budget. It can be recommended for almost any application; roads, driveways,parking lots, and etc. This product offers many years of service with minimum maintenance.

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