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Asphalt paving is a convenient and economical solution for a hard surface. There are several different scenarios where asphalt paving would benefit a client. Scroll down to find what method best suits your need.

New Installation: A new installation is considered when there is no existing paving surface. This process usually consist of site prep such as, sub base stabilization, proper base installation, and etc. Once site is ready then asphalt installation can begin. New installation usually consist of a 3 inch minimum installation rate. Of course compaction of new asphalt is necessary.

Resurface / Overlay : Resurface / Overlay is considered where existing paving is present. If a paved area is not experiencing base failure resurfacing could be an economical route to a smoother surface. Resurfacing process consist of but not limited to: cleaning existing pavement of dirt, dust, and debris. Repairs if necessary ( pre patch or crack filling ). A prime or tack coating is applied over complete area of work ( this binds new asphalt to existing pavement )  Hot mix asphalt is then installed using a self propelled paving machine. Thickness of installation varies depending on needed application. All new asphalt is compressed to a smooth finish.

Residential Driveways

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