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Chip Seal / Tar & Chip

         Tar & chip or Chip seal is a great cost effective surface solution. Many rural and county roads are tar and chip but most people mistake them to be asphalt paved roads.

         The process is simple. Once base area is stabilized, could be old existing asphalt, a hot binding agent (tar) is evenly and liberally applied using a distributor spray machine. Then a fine "chip" rock is spread covering tar completely. The rock is then further embedded in binding agent by rolling and compaction. It is sometimes necessary to perform a two coat method to achieve maximum durability.

           Another plus and advantage of choosing a chip seal surface is that there are multiple colors to choose from. This surface solution works great for private roads who have a large area that would be too costly to pave with traditional pavement, it is usually a fraction of the cost of other methods. Call today for your free consultation and estimate

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