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Protect your investment!!!!!! After years of service, your asphalt paved surface is subject to become brittle, dried out, cracked, or worse. However you don't have to reinvest in new asphalt pavement, which can be costly, simple maintenance can help you extend the life of your asphalt pavement and give it a great new appearance. Seal coating is the most cost effective way to maintain superior asphalt pavement durability. The process is simple, read further to find out each step taken.

1) All repairs, patches, or asphalt installation must be performed .

2) Asphalt surface must be cleaned free of all dirt, dust, and debris. This is usually accomplished by using air blowers or power broom sweepers.

3) All large cracks must be sufficently filled using a rubberized crack filler. "Oil spots" should be prepared and primed.

4) Trim out areas are usually done using squeegee brooms. This helps eliminate over spray and splattering on unwanted areas (House, Sidewalks, Landsacping and etc. )

5) A professional grade coating is then applied to asphalt either by a distributor spray machine or by squeegee method. Coating is usually mixed with sand ( for a nonslip traction surface ) and polymer additives.
Sometimes it is necessary to apply in two coat form.

6) All stripes, handicap markings, and etc. are then applied if applicable.

Coating is usually recommended every 3 to 5 years depending on circumstances such as age, traffic, or extreme weather conditions.

Call now for your free estimate and protect the investment you have already made in asphalt pavement.

Seal Coating

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